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CDM Duties and Contractual Arrangements with Agents, Designers and Contractors
GD Young, DAB Thomas, AW Potts and MA Hodgkinson
CDM98: Practical Strategies & Positive Benefits Conference
NW CDM Duty Holders’ Support Group, Runcorn

Façade Access and Maintenance - Legislation, Regulations and the HSE Inspector’s View
Day Seminar for the Centre for Window Cleaning and Cladding Technology (CWCT)
5 November 1999
The Institution of Structural Engineers, London

Health and Safety Education for Undergraduates – Why, What and How
DAB Thomas, ME Holden, T Allan, IL Whyte and DR Moore
Civil and Structural Engineering Education in the 21st Century
Southampton University, 26-28 April 2000
Proceedings – Volume 2, pp 497-508, ISBN 0854327177

Temporary works - The interface between design and construction
Chairman and Opening Address at Day Seminar
held at the Institution of Structural Engineers (ISE)
20 February 2001, ISE, London

Developments in training and competence for work at height
Access Industry Forum (AIF) Conference 2006, 10 May 2006 (Opened by Lord Hunt)
NEC, Birmingham

How to achieve the Holy Grail ... no more working at height accidents. Ever!
Access Industry Forum (AIF) Knowledge Base, 18 May 2011, NEC Birmingham
Chairman, Panel Discussion (Link)